You can do the following method, copy to clipboard datanode clusterID for your example, CID-8bf63244-0510-4db6-a949-8f74b50f2be9 and run following command under HADOOP_HOME/bin directory then this code formatted the namenode with datanode cluster ids. OR ou must do as follow : bin/ rm -Rf /home/prassanna/usr/local/hadoop/yarn_data/hdfs/* bin/hadoop namenode -format I had the same… Continue Reading Datanode not starts correctly

nagaraju@nagaraju:/usr/local/softwares/hadoop-2.10.0$ sbin/ This script is Deprecated. Instead use and Stopping namenodes on [localhost] localhost: chown: changing ownership of ‘/usr/local/softwares/hadoop-2.10.0/logs’: Operation not permitted localhost: no namenode to stop localhost: chown: changing ownership of ‘/usr/local/softwares/hadoop-2.10.0/logs’: Operation not permitted localhost: no datanode to stop Stopping secondary namenodes [] chown: changing… Continue Reading chown: changing ownership of –Operation not permitted

nagaraju@nagaraju:~/IdeaProjects/scalaClone$ git add ScalaTestApp/** The following paths are ignored by one of your .gitignore files: ScalaTestApp/project ScalaTestApp/target Use -f if you really want to add them. nagaraju@nagaraju:~/IdeaProjects/scalaClone$ git status On branch master Changes to be committed: (use “git reset HEAD …” to unstage) Changes not staged for commit: (use “git… Continue Reading Git adding folder and its child folders in Ubuntu

In this Article, we are going to lean how to create scala project with sbt in IntellijIDEA. And also we will learn how to test this scala project with scalatest jar. Technologies used are IntellijIDEA 2018.3.2(Community Edition) Scala 2.11.7 Sbt 1.3.3 Scalatest 3.0.0 Let start now… Create a scala project… Continue Reading Scala project with scalatest

when I am practicing the following I have used the following sbts.

I have changed the hive dependency from


then I am able to execute the program without any errors.

For this purpose the following process we have to follow 1 : First time to create one executable jar file . 2: Java code to run this executable JAR file let me explain first we have to create one Java application with the help of the eclipse. create a package… Continue Reading run the JAVA application JAR file in Java code

Introduction This document gives a quick introduction to the Scala language and compiler. It is intended for people who already have some programming experience and want an overview of what they can do with Scala. A basic knowledge of object-oriented programming, especially in Java, is assumed. A First Example As… Continue Reading Scala for java developers