HCatalog Installation

Pre Requirements

1) A machine with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS operating system installed.

2) Apache Hive 2.1.0 Pre Installed


HCatalog's merge with Hive (in March of 2013) HCatalog is now released as part of Hive. Older versions of HCatalog can still be separately downloaded. Here we are using latest version of HCatalog merged with Hive.

Step 1 - Install Apache Hive first.

Step 2 - Edit $HOME/.bashrc file by adding the hcatalog path.

$ sudo gedit $HOME/.bashrc

$HOME/.bashrc file

$ export HCAT_HOME=$HIVE_HOME/hcatalog

Step 3 - Reload your changed $HOME/.bashrc settings

$ source $HOME/.bashrc

Step 4 - Change the directory to /usr/local/hive/hcatalog/bin

$ cd $HCAT_HOME/bin

Step 5 - Hcatalog command line interface (CLI).

$ ./hcat

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