Program to find LCM of two numbers

What:   Least Common Multiplier

How: Example: LCM of 15 and 20

15 Prime Factors are : 5*3

20 Prime Factors : 2*2*5

So, the Union of the above : 2,2,5,3 . The Multiplier value is : 2*2*5*3 = 60.

Real Time Example:

L.C.M. : we use find L.C.M. where ,

1) About an event that is or will be repeating over and over.
2) To purchase or get multiple items in order to have enough.
3) To figure out when something will happen again at the same time.

Real life example : Mika exercises every 12 days and Nanu every 8 days. Ram and Deepika both exercised today. How many days will it be until they exercise together again?

This problem can be solved using Least Common Multiple because we are trying to figure out when the soonest (Least) time will be that as the event of exercising continues (Multiple), it will occur at the same time (Common).

Answer : L.C.M. of 12 and 8 is 24 .

They will exercise together again in 24 days.

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