Connect Android Devices to Ubuntu PC

Step 1: How to Install scrcpy in Ubuntu 18.04.5

Step 2: How to enable USB in Samsung Tablet.

Step A:


=> About tablet

        => Software Information

                => Build Number => here tab 7 times.. then Developer option will be


Step B:


=>Enable USB Debugging

Step 3: Connect Table to Laptop with USB Cable

Step 4: Now Type the following to connect ti the tablet.

scrcpy --lock-video-orientation 1

Step 5: Increase screen size in scrcpy.

scrcpy 1.13 adds two new options related to orientation: an option to lock the video orientation, and shortcuts to rotate display in steps of 90°.

scrcpy --lock-video-orientation 0 
  • 90° counterclockwise:
scrcpy --lock-video-orientation 1
  • 180°:
scrcpy --lock-video-orientation 2
  • 90° clockwise:

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